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Seminar The Vital CA

Scottish Chiropractic Association
The Vital CA Workshop

Presented by Melissa Sandford
Saturday 1st October 2022
Norton House, Edinburgh 
1pm till 6pm

The client experience in your office is important both on and off the adjustment bench.

I talk about CHIROPRACTIC (in layman's language!) to help CA's gain a deeper understanding of the body's ability to heal...once they understand the value of Chiropractic I believe they are better able to communicate with your clients.

I won't share any fancy science but I will share through my own life experiences what I have come to know and love - CHIROPRACTIC.

I will also look at some basic front desk tips to enhance the client experience along with some great internal marketing ideas.

Your CA's will get the chance to ask questions and share ideas with other CA's from around the UK and of the things most CA's report to me as being valuable

• The Vital CA is broken down in to four main areas:
Within those areas we will tackle the hot topics for CA's.
1. Recalling and Managing Patients
2. Chiropractic Knowledge and its use at the front desk
3. Educating patients towards greater health
4. Collecting fees
5. Time management at the front desk
6. Efficient Appointment booking
7. Understanding Chiropractic Terminology

Throughout the day we will look at how these challenges can be overcome and discussing some simple solutions.

Come along prepared to have some fun, learn some new ideas and see the possibilities that the CA role has. 

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